1 Part Molds for Relief Sculptures and Basic Molds


One Part Mold Making using a Relief Sculpture

One part mold making is used when your part has a flat surface on one side. The process becomes very simple, especially with ComposiMold because you don't have any mixing or weighing.

  1. Select a mold box that your part will fit into with at least a 1/2 inch around the sides. Plastic cups, bowls, even aluminum foil works well for the mold box.
  2. If you part is lightweight (such as a plastic toy) hot glue or use a tape dot to hold your Master down in your mold box.
  3. Spray your part/Master with mold release.
  4. Spray liberally with Bubble Buster to reduce surface tension.
  5. Melt the ComposiMold as described in the How it Works page and pour over your Master.
  6. Let the ComposiMold cool to solidify. Place in the refrigerator or freezer to cool faster
  7. Pull the mold from your mold box and pull out your Master from the bottom of the ComposiMold
  8. Pour or press in your casting material
  9. ComposiMold is a remeltable rubber, so when finished with that mold you can remelt it to make a New mold.

The depth of the part does not have to be shallow. For example candle molds are typically long and narrow, but can still be molded using the simple process for one part molds.

The casting material is poured or pressed into the mold indentation. Mold sizes can range from a few millimeters to many feet in size.

Mold making is used  to make duplicates of a wide variety of creations ranging from car parts to Christmas ornaments. Why you would want to make your own molds depends a lot on what you are making. The mold can then be filled with casting materials of your choice. For example, many cake decorators or chocolate makers use molds to create unique shapes from their chocolates or use molds to shape fondant into special shapes. Home soap and candle makers enjoy duplicating unique shapes and designs that cannot be found. Hobbyist, such as those in the train hobby, enjoy making components for their trains or improvements to the backdrops for the train sets. Or fishermen enjoy making their own unique fishing lures.

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