2 Part Mold Making


Two part molds allow you to duplicate more complicated objects than can be molded with one part molds. The two part mold making technique can provide excellent details and precision for your duplicated parts. The process is effective with large and small parts for duplicating jewelry to large concrete sculptures. Although it seems complicated, the 2 part mold process becomes extremely easy with practice.

There are multiple 2 part mold techniques. The easiest is to simply cut the mold after you have poured the mold. This technique is defined as the Cut block 2 part mold making process.

You can also pour half of the two part mold at a time to make two separate halves. This is a full two part mold and used when you want to place the parting line in specific parts. The advantage of 2 part molds with ComposiMold is that the molds can be remelted afterwards to make new molds. It allows you to experiment with your mold making techniques.