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So Much You Can Make! Your Mold Making Tools

With ComposiMold, you can create so many unique projects. We are constantly learning about new ways our customers are using our RE-USABLE Mold Making Material! Below is an ever-growing list of some of these mold making projects made with ComposiMold. Click on the highlighted titles to learn more and get inspired for your next mold making project!

Dive right in! Don't's RE-USABLE!

Mold Making Craft Projects

  •  Scale Hobbies / DIY Crafts 
  •  Duplicating 3D printed parts with plastic resin
  •  Candle mold making and wax casts
  •  Decorative Ornaments with Polymer Clay Push Molds
  •  Action Figure from plastic
  •  Fondant and gum paste molds  
  •  Chocolate lollipops 
  •  Butter Molds
  •  Outdoor garden art / sculpture: casting stepping stones, rock casts, statuary molds
  •  Jewelry mold making
  •  Soap molds
  •  Casting your woodworking sculpture
  •  Pottery using push molds
  •  Chocolate mold making

  • Molds for Holidays and Special Occasions
  • Wedding Cakes and Birthday Cakes: custom cake toppers, party favors, table decorations
  • Custom Cookie Shapes and Toppers
  • Halloween: cast the best chocolates ever!
  • Birthday: custom cake topper molds for unique birthday and wedding cake topper decorations
  • Christmas/Hanukkah
  • Awards/Metals
  • Prototype Molds and Casts
  • Making molds from 3-D printed objects
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Practice molds: Inexpensive and worry free molding material to learn your mold making technique

  • Molds for Art
  • Casting parts for sculptures
  • Relief sculptures can be molded and casted
  • Costumes with customized casting embellishments
  • Making molds and casts from Natural Objects (Acorns, rocks, bark etc.)
  • Make your own reusable "gel" printing plate
  • Mold Making of Figurines
  • Make your own Action Figures
  • Game Pieces
  • War Hammer Figures
  • Casting Animal Figurines
  • Mold Making & Casting for Hobbyists
  • Fixing broken parts and making custom parts for R/C-planes, trains, sailboats, and automobiles
  • "Casting" your own fishing lures
  • Plastic casting of toys
  • Make your own rock wall hand grips

  • Other Uses

    Use your imagination! ComposiMold is a rubbery, flexible, organic polymer that can be used for many applications including:

    • Industrial
    • Composites
    • A Reusable Vacuum bagging material
    • Spacers in composites: use to keep resin out of certain areas
    • Internal molds-melt out: make molds you can't make with conventional molds
    • Lost wax methods: low cost method for making wax castings
    • Concrete molds for sculptures (statuary, stepping stones)

    Molding / Casting Processes