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We are makers.  We love to make things that we can touch and use.

We like to make things that are real. And we are not alone: Millions and millions of people are part of this making world.

Candle makers making unique candle shapes. Hobby makers: train parts, fishing lures, and robots. Jewelry, Cake and chocolate makers for weddings and birthday cakes.  Art and Craft makers for sculpture, and scrapbooking.

ComposiMold is the tool that all these makers use to make their ideas into real materials.

Stan started ComposiMold because he was frustrated at his inability to make lightweight plastic shapes for his model rocket and airplane parts. He needed to mold and cast my designs, but the main options were basically latex and silicone, which are toxic, hard to use, and if you make a mistake you are out of luck, because you have to start again at the beginning.

ComposiMold mold making materials are eco-friendly, safe, and very easy to use. Melts in the microwave and what you don’t use can be remelted and used again…no worries, no fuss, you just can focus on making.

And thanks to a Super Awesome video by Super Awesome Sylvia, who inspired many others through her ComposiMold video, we knew that many people were interested in the ComposiMold.

ComposiMold is the easiest, safest, and most affordable mold making material in the world. Our goal is to get ComposiMold into the hands of all the makers throughout the world.

Take almost any shape, made from clay, printed on a 3-D printer, or something you found at a Maine Summer Yard Sale. Pour or Press ComposiMold mold making materials over it, and you are ready to duplicate your part into plastic, concrete, soap, wax, and even chocolate.

We currently have over a dozen products based upon safe, easy, and affordable mold making and casting. We have mold making materials, casting materials, kits, and accessories.

We’ve sold to over 30,000 ComposiMold customers. And made over 70,000 pounds of ComposiMold here, in Central Maine.

We are available in well over 200 stores throughout the world.

We’re adding new products monthly, from new casting materials like ComposiStone, Low melt soy wax, and Clear Casting Plastic, to our newest favorite, ImPRESSive Putty…amazingly easy to use for mold making almost anything.

What will you make today?

ComposiMold's name is derived from composites and molding. Composites are materials that have improved properties by combining together two or more materials. The materials are combined together to create a synergistic improvement compared to the individual components. So ComposiMold is the use of composites to make a better mold making material.

A little about us:

Stan Farrell
Stan, President of ComposiMold, was educated in material science and has been researching advanced composites for the past 12 years. The idea for the composite mold making material initially came from his inability to find a better material for making model airplane components. From there, he developed the ComposiMold and other ideas have grown. We expect more composite products will come as ComposiMold grows.

Shawn Lemelin 
Shawn, Process Manager, is a graduate from University of Southern Maine in Industrial technology and management. Prior to working with Wizbe Innovations, Shawn worked in the electronics industry while completing his undergraduate work.

Michelle Miller 
Michelle, Art and Outreach Director, is a graduate of the Maine College of Art with a BFA in Graphic Design and Media Arts. Her aesthetic sensibilities are invaluable to the ComposiMold Team.

Bobbi Farrell 

Bobbi has been an educator and crafter for over…for a long time. She now turns her craft towards the ComposiMold reusable mold making world through demonstrations, shows, and motherly advice. You can typically find her at work supporting the exhibitions, busy putting together your orders, or telling her loving son, Stan, that he needs to clean his office.

Bob Farrell: 
Bob is...the husband of Bobbi. Ok, he's also our resident PhD for really deep thinking and idea generation. He's worked on a variety of projects over the years and continues to help make ComposiMold better.

Dan Cyr: 

Dan, ComposiMold Technician, can typically be found up to his elbows in Reusable Mold Making Material. He's either helping to manufacture our next batch of ComposiMold, building something with power tools, or packing and shipping your order!