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Make Your Own Chocolate Molds

Turn almost any object into Chocolate using a Food Contact Safe Re-usable Mold Making Material. With just one product, you can make dozens of molds. 

Watch some of these videos to see the process  in action. Plus, we have an entire e-book you can view by signing up for our newsletter  for great ideas and methods for making your chocolate molds.


Imagine being able to decorate wedding cakes and birthday cakes with custom milk chocolate and fondant shapes. With ComposiMold, you can easily make your own chocolate or fondant molds instead of trying to find a plastic mold or using silicone molds that can only be used one time.

Unlike silicone molds that can only be made into one mold, ComposiMold can be re-melted and re-used to make dozens of unique chocolate molds. It is certified safe for food contact mold making applications.

Making a ComposiMold Candy Mold for Chocolate: 
To make your first mold, start with a simple shape: something with one flat side. Melt the ComposiMold in the microwave and pour it over your object. Let it solidify or place it in the freezer for 30 minutes until the rubber mold is solidified. Pull out your original shape, and pour in your chocolate. Follow the basic instructions on our How To Use ComposiMold Page to make a chocolate mold with ComposiMold. The tips below will set you up for success when making chocolates for your cakes, cupcakes, or sugar treats.


  • Make your chocolate molds quickly and easily by melting the ComposiMold in your microwave. A double boiler or a chocolate melter also works great for melting ComposiMold.
  • You do not need to cool or freeze your mold for chocolate castings because chocolate should never be above 100 F.
  • When you are making your mold, lightly coat your original shape with a food safe mold release such as vegetable oil. When casting chocolate, you typically do not need a mold release.
  • Pour the melted chocolate into your unique mold using a spoon, stick, or brush to fill the mold. Tap the bottom and sides to get air bubbles out of the chocolate. You may also like using a squeeze bottle or small piping bag to push the chocolate into small openings and crevices.
  • To solidify the chocolate castings, cool the chocolate in the mold by placing it in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • De-Mold your chocolate by peeling the mold away from the delicious chocolate treat as much as possible so you don't put a lot of pressure on the chocolate.
  • Enjoy your one of a kind custom chocolate castings. Don't forget: When you have made all the chocolate casts that you want with one mold, you can be remelt your mold to make over 35 other shapes.

Making a ComposiMold Mold for Fondant Shapes:

Use your favorite fondant recipe or Marzipan with ComposiMold molds to make amazing cake toppers for your birthday or wedding cake. Simply press the soft material into the mold and then bend the mold away from the casting to de-mold your creation.

Chocolate Lollipop Molds
After you make your chocolate molds, add a lollipop stick into the chocolate before it hardens. Secure the stick in the chocolate mold with a little extra chocolate over the back of the stick.

If you make cakes like wedding cakes and birthday cakes, ComposiMold is a tool for you. To make magnificent wedding cake toppers you can carefully craft the latest Lego piece or Disney Character from fondant or chocolate, or you can use one of the toys to make your own chocolate molds. ComposiMold is a tool, like your knife to make your cake decorating  great.


 "Mold Making for the Edible Arts" is a great guide for making your own chocolate, fondant, cookie, or gummy molds.

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