Clear Casting Plastic Epoxy Resin

Clear Casting Plastic is an easy to use casting epoxy resin to create clear castings. It's simple to use with a 1:1 mix ratio (by weight or volume) and works extremely well with ComposiMold.

• Jewelry Grade

• Crystal Clear

• 80D Shore Hardness

• 45 Min. Working Time

• Low Viscosity

• Mixes 1:1

• Epoxy Resin

Basic Instructions:

For crystal clear, bubble-free, castings slowly and thoroughly mix Part A of the epoxy resin with Part B in equal proportions. Slowly pour the epoxy into your ComposiMold mold that has been lightly coated in ComposiMold’s Mold Release.


Let the Clear Casting Plastic cure in the ComposiMold for at least 24 hours. Remove to admire your crystal clear casting!