Great for Polymer Clay Push Molds, Clay, and Fondant    

ComposiMold-Firm is a firm mold making material that is also a 100% reusable mold making material. It works by melting and pouring. ComposiMold-Firm is a flexible, rubbery, thermoplastic that is great for mold parts that require a stiffer mold making material. It is compatible with many different casting materials including clays, plaster, cement, epoxy, polyurethane, and many others. You can use ComposiMold-Firm for polymer clay push molds such as Sculpey molds or Fimo molds. It also works well with polymer metal clay molds.

  • RE-USABLE Over 35 Times!

ComposiMold-Firm is designed predominantly for Polymer Clay Molds. Plus many cake decorators enjoy this more firm version for modeling chocolates and firmer fondants.

It's Shore Hardness is approximately 25 at 70 F. Color is semi-transparent dark amber. Melting temperature is 130 F. The part solidifies when the temperature cools. To speed up cooling, place the mold in the refrigerator or freezer. Do not place the mold in water. ComposiMold-Firm conforms to ASTM D4236, Safe as an art material.  


ComposiMold-Firm comes in: 10, 20, 40 ounce sizes.  Also available in 25 pound buckets.

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