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Make Your Own Re-usable Concrete Molds

If you want to make unique concrete molds, ComposiMold can help. Make your own unique concrete molds and re-use to make new molds. Just by re-melting, you can keep on making new molds: for counter tops, garden sculpture, rock walls, fireplaces, concrete stamping, and so much more.


Advantages of ComposiMold for your Concrete molds:
  1. Allows you to make new molds anytime you want
  2. Great detail, easy to make molds of almost anything
  3. Re-usable! No waste!
Disadvantages of ComposiMold molds:
    • The mold will need to be re-made after 3 to 8 casts in it (simple molds can be used longer). Use a mold release to extend mold life.
    • Slow curing concretes require the concrete/water mixture to sit in the mold for a long time. The moisture may begin to degrade the mold. Choose a quick curing concrete to avoid this.

Making a ComposiMold for Your Concrete Creation: Follow the basic instructions on our How To Use ComposiMold page to make a mold with ComposiMold. The process is simple. Melt the ComposiMold in a double boiler or microwave. You can also use heat belts or other heating source to heat larger quantities.

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Create Amazing Concrete Castings in a ComposiMold mold! With ComposiMold, making molds and concrete or cement castings is very easy.

Applying a mold release (or release agent) will allow your model to be easily separated from the ComposiMold. Applying a mold release to the mold before casting will also minimizes wear and tear on the mold. This is important if you are using the mold to make many reproductions.

Wipe off the mold release after to make sure you do not have too much. You can also use a clean paint brush or cloth to brush the release agent over the surface of the model and surrounding forms. Make sure that intricate detail, undercuts, and hard to reach areas are coated as thoroughly as possible.

Concrete Castings made with ComposiMold Mold Making Materials Concrete Castings made with ComposiMold Mold Making Materials
This bird and welcome sign, pictured on the left, was cast with concrete with red concrete coloring added. The turtle, on the right, used Quickcrete rapid curing concrete. Below is a video showing how to make a concrete statue.