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DIY/Scale Hobby

 ComposiMold was Made for the Do It Yourself Crowd!

ComposiMold's reusable mold making material allows you to duplicate your unique products and re-melt to make new shapes or make changes without the worry or extra cost. Simple, Fun, Mold Making.

Advantages to ComposiMold for your scaled hobby mold making:

1. Re-usable! Dozens and dozens of molds with the SAME material

2. Great detail. (Picks up fingerprints)

3. Long shelf life. Keep it around so it is there whenever you need it.

4. Simple: melts in the microwave so no mixing together.


Model cars or model planes or even model trains. ComposiMold is the tool that allows you to make great models of almost anything. ComposiMold picks up fantastic detail.

ComposiMold will pick up detail as fine as your fingerprint.

Unlike silicone mold making, you will be able to duplicate dozens of unique parts with the SAME material. No more wasted material, no more worrying about what to do with the extra silicone rubber before it cures! ComposiMold is 100% remeltable and reusable. So start experimenting!

Duplicating a 10 Part Lego Figure Using ComposiMold


ComposiMold also has a very long shelf life as long as you keep it covered, so you have it whenever you need it. You don't have to wait until you have a lot of objects to mold before making your mold...just make it with ComposiMold.

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