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How to Make Molds with ComposiMold

REMEMBER: After you've completed the ComposiMold Process, simply re-melt to re-use this mold making material over and over again!


Melt the ComposiMold by heating in the microwave. Microwave times will vary. Start with short intervals until you understand how the microwave will heat the ComposiMold. There is no need to stir the melting ComposiMold. Stirring may introduce bubbles.

     Microwave times
     (estimates-times will vary)
  10 oz.     30 second intervals until melted
  20 oz.     1 to 2 mins. (in 30 sec. intervals)
  40 oz.     2 to 4 mins. (in 45 sec. intervals)

You can also melt the ComposiMold in a double boiler.

Mold and Cast:

To make molds, simply pour the ComposiMold over your master part after applying a mold release and Bubble Buster. Let the ComposiMold solidify by cooling. Remove the master part from the ComposiMold.

To make your castings in the ComposiMold, apply a Mold Release to the mold and pour or press in your casting material. You can use: plasters, waxes, soaps, concrete, plastics, edible materials and many more. The number of castings you can create in each mold varies based on type of casting material and how complicated your mold is.


Now, this is ComposiMold's greatest advantage! When you finish making your duplicate parts, re-melt to re-use the ComposiMold to make over 35 different molds and unique casted parts.

Mold Making Tips:

  • Use a mold release (release agent) on the original when making the mold AND in the mold when making your casting. Be sure to reach any crevices, but do not overuse the mold release as it may cause bubbles.
  • When heating ComposiMold for the first time, in the microwave, use short durations to ensure that you do not overheat the ComposiMold.
  • Use Bubble Buster after Mold Release to coat your original part when making your mold. This will reduce bubble formation.

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