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Jewelry Mold Making

ComposiMold is a simple tool to allow you to take your jewelry making to the next level. Create a prototype of a new design, create duplicates of a specific element of your design, or turn a clay sculpture into a durable poly-resin art piece. It's simple, fast, and repeatable. With ComposiMold mold making materials, you are able to make as many unique molds as you want.

Use ComposiMold-Original for Resin Casting, ComposiMold-Firm or ImPRESSive Re-usable Putty for Push Molds.

Making a ComposiMold Mold: 
Follow the basic instructions on our How To Use ComposiMold page to make a mold with ComposiMold. The ideas below could inspire your next jewelry project with ComposiMold.

Design Ideas for Customized Jewelry with ComposiMold: 
Below are projects created by our own ComposiMold Team and our awesome customers too!

  • One of our customers proposed to his girlfriend with a chocolate engagement ring he made with ComposiMold!
  • A creative customer of ours is selling plastic gummy bear earrings on her Etsy shop!
  • You could replace a lost earring by making a mold of the one you still have.
  • Try making specialized beads with polymer clay and then duplicating it with ComposiMold.
  • Duplicate your own unique designs to sell at craft shows or on Etsy too!
    Recreate Your Favorite EarringReplicate your bracelet in your own colors.