Unique Cookie Shapes and Toppers

Custom cookies and cupcakes are all the rage! Entire businesses are built on people's love for these small, sweet treats.

Custom Shaped Cookies:

With the right cookie dough recipe, specifically one that doesn't rise while baking, you can make any cookie shape you want. And with ComposiMold, you won't be limited by pre-made cookie cutter shapes that are available in your supply store.

1. Choose a found object with the shape you want or sculpt a unique shape out of polymer clay.

2. Pour melted ComposiMold over this shape.

3. Remove the original object and you've got your unique cookie shape mold.

4. Press your raw cookie dough into the mold and carefully remove. You can do this by flipping the mold over and bending the mold away from the cookie dough.

5. Transfer raw cookie dough shapes to a cookie sheet and bake per recipe instructions.

No Rise Cookie Recipe:
Here is a great recipe from our friend Allie, of Baking a Moment. She put in a lot of time and effort to come up with the perfect no-rise cookie dough recipe that'll hold its shape well.

Custom Shaped Toppers for Cookies:
Use the same method to make a chocolate or fondant cookie topper. This will make your cookie even more unique!

In the video below you will see how we sculpted the Maine Startup and Create Week logo in two sizes. The larger size is for the cookie mold and the slightly smaller size for a chocolate topper. This created a great effect and quite the impression on the company's founder!