Plastic / Resin Mold Making

Easy and Effective Plastic Castings in ComposiMold Molds
Easily make unique resin molds with ComposiMold.Turn any original creation into a very professional looking cast with plastic casting materials such as epoxy and urethane. Just pour the casting resin into the ComposiMold rubber mold and when you are finished, remelt the ComposiMold to make a new mold.

Making a ComposiMold: 
Follow the basic instructions on our How To Use ComposiMold to make a mold with ComposiMold. The tips below will set you up for success when using plastics such as urethane, epoxy, or polyester to make your castings.

Steps to Creating Successful Plastic Castings in a ComposiMold Mold: 
1. Prepare your original part by placing it in a heat safe container and apply a mold release.
2. Melt the ComposiMold per instructions.
3. Pour the ComposiMold over your original and let it solidify.
4. Separate the original part from the ComposiMold mold.
5. Apply a Vegetable Oil Mold Release or Silicone Mold Release to the inside of the ComposiMold mold.
6. Mix your plastic casting material. If using Clear Casting Plastic, mix in equal parts by weight or volume.
7. Pour the resin into your ComposiMold Mold. (Note: Larger parts can be cast by cooling the ComposiMold in the refrigerator or freezer prior to pouring in the resin.)
8. Try to wait patiently as it cures.
9. Separate your casted part from the ComposiMold mold and admire your work.

Plastic Castings made with ComposiMold Mold Making MaterialsPlastic Castings made with ComposiMold Mold Making Materials

More Information About Applying Mold Release:
Applying a mold release (or release agent) to your original part will allow it to be easily removed from the ComposiMold. Applying a mold release to the mold before pouring your resin casting materials allows for easy separation AND minimizes wear and tear on the mold. This is important if you are using the mold to make many reproductions.