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ComposiMold Media Sheet

media press sheet ComposiMold.docx News on ComposiMold: where we started and our objectives to make it easy for everyone to make their ideas real.

Development of Improved Polymer for Push Molding

press release-2016-03-26-Shawn develops_ImPRESSive_Putty.pdf Mistakes happen, and that's good when it comes to developing innovative products! Shawn Lemelin begins career in an innovative start up developing unique eco-friendly polymers.

Fine Scale Modeler New Product Review

Fine Scale Modeler SPOTLIGHT.pdf Introduction of New Product in Fine-Scale Modeler


ComposiMold selected as Top 20 Hot New Product of 2014.pdf TOP 20 BEST NEW PRODUCTS in the Craft and Hobby Association.

Material Girl, Art Magazine...loving ComposiMold

Material Girl, Model retailer.JPG Model Retailer, Material Girl delights us with an amazing review of our re-usable mold making material.

American Cake Decorating New Product

American Cake Decorating Magazine Page.pdf Hiighlighted in the American Cake Decorating Magazine for making awesome cake decorations!

 ComposiMold Re-usable Mold Making Media Fact Sheet


Overview: ComposiMold, a part of Wizbe Innovations, manufactures eco-friendly re-usable mold making materials and accessories for the Maker Industries to enable cost effective, safe, and easy prototyping, part making, and three dimensional work.


Origins: We sold the first ComposiMold (on eBay) in 2010, and started as a business in 2011. The original ComposiMold was developed by Stan Farrell (President), andComposiMold currently has 5 employees and3 supporting family members. ComposiMold manufactures its mold making materials in Manchester Maine.


Mission/Vision:    We make the materials that allow you to make your ideas real.


Products or client offerings: 

Our main products include ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty, the easiest, most cost effective mold making materials for the individual maker in the world. We also have a host of casting materials and accessories to provide the customer with what they need to make their three dimensional creations real.



ComposiMold is owned by Stan Farrell who is the President.  Shawn Lemelin is the process manager, and Michelle Miller is the art and marketing director.  Support is also provided by the rest of Stanís family.


Special recognition or awards: 

         2012 MaineTop Gun Graduate: Entrepreneurial training program, Maine Center of Economic Development.

         2013 Maine Family Owned Business Finalist

         2014 Craft and Hobby Association Top 20 Best New Products

         2015-2016 Semi-finalist on the Maine Greenlight Maine Television program

         2016 Finalist in Art Materials Retailers Fabulous Awards

Media contact: 

Please contact: Stan Farrell, President, 207-485-5690, [email protected]

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For more information please contact: Stan Farrell, President, 207-485-5690, [email protected]



903 Western Ave

Manchester ME 04351


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