Dozens of Casting Materials Are Compatible With ComposiMold

ComposiMold has a melting point of 130 F (65 C) and can be used with many casting materials. Casting materials that create more than 130 F can still be used with ComposiMold if certain precautions are taken.


  • Pour casting materials in short intervals so each pour only creates a little heat and the heat can dissipate.
  • Add fillers such as dry talc, other dry powders, wood chips, etc. to the casting material so there is less casting material to create heat. (Epoxies typically can handle moisture better than urethane casting resins)
  • Chilling or Cooling the ComposiMold prior to pouring in the casting material. The heat during curing can sometimes be removed faster than the ComposiMold can heat up. This is a great way of doing higher temp candle wax and soaps.
  • Using a brush-on mold making material such as latex, urethane rubber, or silicone to create a barrier. This also helps create molds that can last for many more castings. This allows 90-95% of the mold to be reused while still getting the benefit of longer lasting molds.

Compatible Casting Materials with ComposiMold Include:

Chocolate Mold Making of action figure

    ComposiMold can actually be used as an eco-friendly rubber casting material too!
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