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Molding Success in Art School!
Stan- Thank you, ... I had 16 Bowdoin students today pour 16 molds - almost a gallon of Composimold, and they were loving it. All of them are first-time mold makers. this non-catalyzed and reusable system is PERFECT for them, and for me. They'll cast their first objects on Tuesday of next week, they wanted to do it today already, couldn't wait for their molds to set up, there was a collective groan when I told them they would have to wait. Good stuff.
RANDY REGIER-Maine Art Fellowship Award Winner
Bowdoin Professor builds imaginary histories with ComposiMold
Toys for Cigerette Packages made at Bowdoin Art Class with ComposiMold Mold Making Materials Imaginary Fat Camp Trophy, made at Bowdoin Art Class with ComposiMold Mold Making Materials

ComposiMold Chocolate Molds Supports Cake Business Growth
Well I'm cake kakoots from port barre Louisiana I started doing cakes one year ago I have become pretty busy I quit my nursing job to start this lil business hope it takes off soon thanks to y'all reusable mold material I save a ton of money I wouldn't be able to make all the different molds out of silicone it would be too expensive and take up too much space when not in use.
Baby-chocolate-casting-Cake-Kakoots Birthday-cake-animal-chocolate-casting-Cake-Kakoots
Thank you to Cake Kakoots for sharing!

ComposiMold Supports Prototype Development
I need it (ComposiMold) both for pouring into metal molds to make a prototype which I can then mold in latex, AND to pour around small items to make 2-part molds which I only need to use once or twice. All other substances out there have some quality which makes them troublesome and complicated to use …Thanks again for putting the Compositherm out there, I don't know how long you've been making it, but I have scoured the web for years for something similar, and I'm really psyched that it's finally in my hands. -Sue

I'm glad I tried ComposiMold. The first time I tried it, it worked great. How easy can that be? I heated it up in the microwave and poured it over my part. -David

The BEST PRODUCT ever this will save me 100,s of dollars. Thank you –Neil

For my first time making a mold, this was easy. Thank you. -Matt

I made a mistake on my mold, so I just redid it. No wasted materials. -Eric

My son thought it was a lot of fun. I had fun too. -David

How easy is that? Heat and pour. -Bobbi

Molding and Casting Experiments without the Worry
I didn’t realize how cool this was. I can experiment without worrying about using up all my materials. I keep coming up with different uses for the ComposiMold. -Robert

Special Effects for Monsters
hi there :) work is going good! love your product it has saved me a lot of money. perfect mold making compound! for many aplications. i use it in place of pottery plaster for my monster molds. i do special effects and am currently working on my very first self made horror movie. I’m using your product as the master mold. so far it has worked splendidly. -rodster101swords (Rodney)

I think the product is great & will be spreading the word on it for you.. I will be placing another order, as I only have enough for one item right now!.. So look for an order soon!.. Thanks again,
Erika Brown

Again, I am extremely impressed with your product. My partner and I have just started up our business and we were looking at a lot of mold making possibilities, but Composimold seems to be the ticket. -Finn

About ComposiCast:
Hi there, First off I would like to say that you have one fantastic product there! I have been working with resin for 15 years now and this is the best product that I have ever worked with!!! I will also continue to buy it as long as you carry it! -Bob

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All you need is a few ComposiMold products and you'll never shop the same again! You won't be able to ignore the voice in your head saying, "I could make that!" And you can!-Michelle
Plaster Castings made with ComposiMold Mold Making Materials

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