How to Make Wedding Cake Chocolate and Fondant Cake Toppers

Wedding Cakes can be Awesome with Your  Own Unique Cake Toppers using Fondant or Chocolate Molds


Shaping fondant is easy with fondant molds by ComposiMold. Cake toppers make ordinary wedding cakes or birthday cakes unique and amazing, quickly and easily. Make fondant shapes for cake toppers and cupcake toppers. This video shows you how to make your fondant cake toppers using a toy truck. The mold is made into a two part mold with our Reusable Mold Making materials. Then just press the fondant into the mold, add color, and put it on the cake.

How about Chocolate high heels on your wedding cake as a cake topper? ComposiMold-Flex works great to make a mold of a decorative heel to then cast in dark chocolate or white chocolate. The ComposiMold-Flex makes it so easy to de-mold your delicate chocolate high heel without breaking it. With ComposiMold, you can make wedding cakes that are unique and creative. And ComposiMold is food contact safe for your cake toppers!

You can learn more by viewing or our food contact safe mold making products.

Fondant cake toppers using ComposiMold. Make your Birthday Cakes great.

For fondant cake toppers or relief sculpture shapes, simply brush or pour melted ComposiMold onto the surface of the object you want to mold. Let the ComposiMold cool and press your fondant in. After that, peel out the fondant or gum paste and wrap around your cake. Make a fondant mold of any relief sculpture or interesting texture with this easy technique.