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Basic ComposiMold Tutorials

  • ComposiMold Introductory Video

  • Examples of parts made with ComposiMold

  • How to Avoid Bubbles in Your Mold

  • Make a 2 Part Mold of a 3-D Object

  • The Brush On Technique

  • How to Easily Filter Debris Out of Your ComposiMold

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Using Polymer Clay to Make a Master

  • Using a 3-D Printer to Make a Master

  • Chocolate Casting

  • ComposiMold-FC; Chocolates and Fondant Push Molds

  • Design Your Own Fondant Cake Wrap

  • Turn Your ComposiMold-FC Mold into a Lollipop Mold

  • 5 Year Old, Olympia, Demonstrates ComposiMold-FC

  • Chocolate Wedding

  • Chocolate Casting Kit-Everything you need to start

  • Plaster Castings

  • Plaster Casting with ComposiMold Mold Making Introduction

  • Plaster Casting of Relief Sculpture with ComposiMold Molds

  • ComposiMold Plaster Starter Kit

    Paper Mache as a Casting Material

  • Large Paper Mache Sun in a ComposiMold

  • Urethane Mold Making and Casting

  • Fishing lure with PowerMold-2 Part Mold Making Process

  • Two Part Mold Making and Casting with ComposiMold-Lobster Claw Urethane Casting


  • Guitar Pick with ComposiMold

  • Make your own Action Figures

  • Army Soldier Molding and Casting

  • Duplicating your Ceramic Figurines

  • Wax and Soap

  • Candle Making with ComposiMold, Ice Cream Candle

  • Custom Soap Molds-SoapStones

  • Concrete and Cement

  • Large Dog Garden Statuette

  • How to Make Concrete Rocks for Rock Walls, Fire Pits, Walk Ways, Water fountains etc.

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