10 Ways ComposiMold Can Help You with Your Mold Making

100% Reusable Mold Making. Just Remelt to Reuse.

ComposiMold is a 100% Re-Usable Mold Making Material that allows you to duplicate almost any object. The molds and castings you create are only limited by your imagination. Unlike silicone molds or other rubber molds, ComposiMold is re-meltable and reusable, but thatís skipping ahead of ourselves. Here are the top 10 reasons why ComposiMold should be in your craft and hobby toolbox.

1.       Reusable molds

The same mold making material for dozens and dozens of molds. You make 6 Disney chocolate molds, and then you want a Lego mold. Just remelt your mold, and make a new shape. You donít need to buy more mold making material or search for a pre-made plastic  mold. You can make your own unique mold and then make it again, and again.

2.       Easy to use mold making

 No mixing, no weighing. Just melt the ComposiMold in the microwave to make a liquid mold rubber. Then just pour it over your shape and let it cool to solidify. You donít need a scale and you donít need to blend two different materials together.


If you are learning how to mold, then ComposiMold is ideal. Itís safe (#4). Itís affordable (#7), and it allows you to fix mistakes (#11).


3.       Eco-friendly rubber molds

ComposiMold is a biodegradable polymer. It is made from renewable resources. It washes away with hot soapy water.  No petroleum and no evil chemicals. Plus, by remelting and reusing your molds, you are not buying more rubber. So less material to make the same number of molds.


4.       Safe/non-toxic rubber

Are you hungry? You could eat ComposiMold, but I donít recommend it as it doesnít taste that great. All the ingredients (top secret) are certified food contact safe. No dangerous chemicals and you donít have to worry about whether it is completely reacted.


5.       Allows you to make what you want

Want to make a mold of your necklace? Okay! Make your own action figure? Go for it! ComposiMold allows you to make a mold, remake your mold, and then do it again. You are in control of what you want to make.  


6.       Make something into real materials

Real candles, real soaps, real plastic, real concrete. You choose. The options are endless and the ability to make your shapes into different materials gives you the creative control you need to make your ideas real. The only caveat to this, is I wouldnít make a urethane plastic part and then use the same ComposiMold to make a chocolate mold. Some of the urethane casting material, may not have cured and may contaminate the ComposiMold, so keep food contact safe mold materials away from plastic mold making materials.


7.       Affordable mold making

The first ComposiMold mold costs about the same as one silicone mold, but now make two molds with the same materialÖyouíre price of your second mold is either half, or free depending on how you think about it. Youíve already purchased the ComposiMold, so everything else is extra. Now make 20 moldsÖor 30 moldsÖor 40Ö the price is the same! One mold making material for ALL your molds. Thatís an inexpensive mold making material!



8.       Made in USA

Is this a reason? Well, it is definitely nice. ComposiMold is made in Manchester Maine.


9.       3-D printer and scanner all in one!


ComposiMold is like a 3-D printer for the rest of us. You take almost any shape, whether you make it out of wood, clay, or wax, or you find it in the veggie drawer; and you can duplicate it into other materials. Do you want an epoxy carrot? Okay! Mold the carrot; pour the epoxy into the mold.  Itís like you scanned the carrot with the ComposiMold and then 3D printed it with the casting material.


It also works great with 3-D printers! After you 3-D print your shape into plastic, you can now duplicate it into any other material such as candle wax, soap, chocolates, or just stronger plastic. For the amount of time it takes to 3-D print something, you can make a mold and duplicate it. Plus, you didnít have to learn how to draw in a CAD program, and you didnít have to fix the printer again, after the PVA glued itself into the nozzle again. (personal experience...)


10.   Long, long Shelf Life

Donít know what you want to make today? Thatís okay. ComposiMold can wait. It is a tool that you can use whenever you want. Itís like a hammer or vice-grips. You donít need them every day, but when you do, you have them.


Just keep the ComposiMold  in a closed container and it will last for several years. If you make a mold and you want to keep it, just place it in a Ziplock bag or other closed bag. Keep it out of the sun because it will melt in the hot summer sun. At  any time, you can remelt and reuse the mold.


11.   You can fix mistakes

With Silicone mold making...mix two parts together, let it cureÖoops your part floated! Argg! You now have a big rubber block of a bad mold.


With ComposiMold, just remelt and make it again! If you have a thin area or a bubble that did not escape (the clarity of ComposiMold is also nice so you can see the part! (that should be reason #12), you can heat up that problem area and fix it. If you want to put two mold togetherÖ Just melt and stick Ďem together. Thatís doable. Thatís easy. ComposiMold is a great tool for your mold making and casting needs.


Wait! Thatís 11 reasons! But it wouldn't be a top 10 list if it was the top 11ÖHopefully you get the ideaÖComposiMold is a great way to make your own unique molds and castings.